Modelling aid for the Automotive Reference Architecture Model


The Automotive Reference Architecture Model (ARAM) Toolbox aims at providing support for architecting complex automotive systems. It is implemented as extension for the modeling tool “Enterprise Architect” from Sparx Systems.

Consolidating our research advances in the area of Domain Specific Systems Engineering the current version of the ARAM Toolbox provides a model-based systems engineering approach for developing automotive systems. While the currently available functionality of the toolbox is still limited, we intent on providing regular updates to the implemented Automotive Domain Specific Language and framework functionality here.

The toolbox is based on the “Model Driven Generation” technology provided by EA where the results are stored in a XML-based file. The language of choice is C# which allows to make use of all functionalities that come with it.

The next steps are to provide support for the development process, including model generation and transformation functionality as well as support for tool-chain integration. To achieve this, the toolbox is under continuous processing and integration of suggestions from constant exchange with the community.

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